Assembly Instructions


STEP 1.  Frame Layout

First two people are required to assemble the trampoline and use gloves during assembly to avoid pinching. Check that you have received all parts of the trampoline. All parts with the same parts # are interchangeable. To connect the parts, simply slide a section of tubing into the adjacent section. These joints are called T shape section.


STEP 2. Support Assembly

  • Insert T-section (#4) into the one end of the rail (#3). Ensure the hole in the T-section matches the hole in the rail. Use the spring hook tool to help you to spread the T-section if necessary and repeat for the other T-sections but do not connect the top rail sections.
  • Fit the leg tubes (#6) onto the T-sections using the spring hook tool to compress the T-sections and the latter must be fitted to the wider end of the leg tubes. Please make sure the holds of the vertical tube and T-section are in alignment.
  • Connect two top rail sections together and repeat for the top rail sections.
  • Fit the W shape (#5) onto the leg tubes (#6) in figure shown. Make sure they into place and fit the remaining tubes (#5).
  • Turn over the 4 sub-assembled sections and connect them together. Note that at this stage the sections can still be parted and assembly will become rigid only when the trampoline mat is assembled.
  • The completed skeleton should be the same as figure shown.


STEP 3. Trampoline Mat Assembly


  • Take care when attaching springs to the trampoline mat and you will need another person to help you. Lay out the trampoline mat inside the frame. The white cross and safety labels should be facing upwards.
  • Position the spring on the edge of jumping mat ( select your spring type A or B). Attach tool and link up to the spring hook with hook end of the tool. Then, pull the tool and attach the spring hook link up to the frame.
  • The following figures tell you how to connect the springs most easily and tighten the trampoline mat as steady as possible.
  • Choose a connecting point on the frame of the trampoline and position the choose point that points 12 o’clock the spring on the edge of jumping mat. Attach tool and link up to the frame and repeat this at the 6 o’clock point. Assemble in the same way the first 4 springs at 12, 6,3 and 9 0’clock.
  • Repeat (D) to attach remaining springs in the same way. Take notice that the tightening of the trampoline mat should be shared equally. Therefore always attach two springs across. You will not be able to attach all springs because the tightening of the trampoline mat will increase with the numbers of attached springs. Finally after assembly, the space between all springs should be equal.
  • If you notice that you have skipped a hole and V ring connection, recount and remove or attach any springs required to maintaining the count of springs.


STEP 4. Safety Placard Attachment


  • Using the wrap, attached the Safety Instruction Placard to the trampoline. The tie wrap should go around the Vertical Frame joint and the Top Rail to ensure it remains attached.
  • Place near entrance to trampoline.


STEP 5. Frame Pad Assembly


  • Lay the Frame Pad (2) over the trampoline so that the springs and the steel frame are covered. Ensure that the frame pad covers all metal parts.
  • Tie the strap located at the underside of the frame pad to the frame.

Select your Pad model.