Safety House Rules

  1. BUBI SHALL NOT be held liable for any form of accidents, injuries, damages and/or losses that may occur child is on the facility premises.
  2. Sold tickets are valid WITHIN the date of purchase. TICKETS ARE NON REFUNDABLE.
  3. Due to safety procedure and weight capacity, only a limited number of children will be allowed to play as determined by the attendant.
  4. Children who are not toilet trained are required to wear disposable diaper.
  5. Eating, drinking or holding any kind of food and beverage are prohibited inside the BUBI premises.
  6. BUBI will not be responsible for jewelry and other valuables lost inside and outside the playing area.
  7. Shoes, bags, toys, cellphones and other sharp objects are NOT allowed inside, no BUBI blocks or other BUBI property allowed to be brought outside.
  8. Vandalism or defacing (breakage, graffiti, etc.) of BUBI property is strictly prohibited. Violators will not be allowed to access and/or will be cause for discontinuation of usage. No refund will be given and the cost of the damage will be charged.
  9. Photographs, images, videos taken at any BUBI facility will be for personal use only. Any use or reproduction for commercial purpose without written authorization from BUBI management is strictly prohibited. All guest grant BUBI the right to film and photograph the children for free of cost.
  10. All kids who fail to comply with the safety precautions and refuse to follow the rules stated will not be allowed access.